St. Herman House

The mission of St. Herman House - FOCUS Cleveland is to shelter and support homeless men on the path to well-being and independence and meet the basic needs of people in our community.

St. Herman House was founded in 1977 as an Orthodox Christian monastery with a mission of serving the homeless and poor. In 2013, St. Herman’s became part of FOCUS North America, a national Orthodox Christian 501(c)(3). St. Herman's is no longer a monastery but its original purpose remains the same: serving the homeless and poor.

Our programs

Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelter for 28 men in our main house.

If you are in need of shelter, please call us at 216-961-3806, stop by between 9-5, or email us at

Hot Meal Program

Three meals a day, 365 days a year, to anyone in need. We are the only facility in the city of Cleveland that provides three meals a day to the public. In 2021 we served more than 33,000 meals. We are a member agency of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Breakfast is served daily from 7:30 am-8 am in the dining room. Coffee & pastries are served between 8-9 am.

Lunch is served daily from 11:30-12, and dinner is served daily from 5:30-6 pm. Lunch and dinner are served outdoors during the summer, except when it’s raining.

Basic Needs

We give away clothing to men year-round. Our food pantry distributes grocery bags during the last five weekdays of each month to families with dependents. Sandwiches and toiletry kits are handed out daily as needed.

Clothing: Monday & Friday from 1-2 pm

Hygiene Items: Daily between 12-12:30 & 6-6:30 pm. Also 1-2 pm on Mondays and Fridays. 

Sandwiches: Every day from 12-12:30 and 6-6:30 pm. (Depends on availability.)

Coats, hats, gloves & scarves (when weather is cold): same as Hygiene Items schedule above. 

Toilets: 24 hours a day. Located in the driveway. 

Groceries: Last 5 weekdays of the month for households with children or dependents, 2-3 pm. 

Cooler cleanout: Free produce & other food items on Thursdays from 8:30-10 am.

Resident & Community Services and Referral Program

We provide on-site case management to residents. Through referrals and collaboration with other agencies, we connect residents to counseling, health care, housing, and other resources to support residents on the path to independent living.

Case management is available to the community on Tuesdays from 11 – 1 pm. No appointment needed. People needing help with obtaining an ID can drop in during these hours or schedule an appointment by calling 216-961-3806.

Jobs and Life Skills Program

At present, this program has several components. Residents in the main house work in temporary positions – typically custodial and landscaping – for which they are paid. There are also unpaid positions within the house that are filled by residents. These include drivers, cooks, beekeepers, cleaners, and administrative positions. The paid and unpaid positions give structure to the day, build a sense of responsibility, and give residents experience that can help in finding permanent employment. At any given time, approximately half the residents of the shelter are engaged in part or full-time paid employment.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing three doors down from the main house for 12 men. Men are eligible to live in the transitional house if they have a source of income, six months of sobriety, and are working with a case manager. Residents pay a program fee (approximately $300 per month), equivalent to subsidized rent. In 2019, we housed 72 men in the shelter and transitional house. 

If you are seeking transitional housing, please call us at 216-961-3806.

At St. Herman’s, “I know I’m on the right track. I’m putting all of my time into bettering myself, staying sober and getting my GED... It’s going to make me out to be something great.”

Frank - Resident at St. Herman House/FOCUS Cleveland