Mission, Vision & Values​

Who We Are​

St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland is an Orthodox Christian house of hospitality.  We are a non-profit, 501c3, charitable organization committed to serving the homeless and poor of Ohio City and Cleveland in a spirit of love and hospitality. We have been in operation since September of 1977. St. Herman’s is solely owned and operated by FOCUS North America, which manages outreach centers and programs in cities around the country.

Our Mission

St. Herman House’s mission is to shelter and support homeless men on the path to well-being and independence and meet the basic needs of people in our community. 

We have an emergency shelter for 28 men and a transitional home that accommodates 12 men. In addition, we serve three meals a day, seven days a week, every day of the year to anyone in need. 

As an expression of Christ’s love, FOCUS North America serves the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick and imprisoned by providing Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding, and Shelter. 


Faced with low wages and rising food, housing, utility, and health care costs, thousands of children go to bed hungry each night, evicted families are homeless, millions are jobless, and even more feel hopeless. In a land where resources are so plentiful, it is unacceptable that so many children, adults, and senior citizens experience such staggering need and insecurity.

Restoring their dignity takes more than handouts. Through FOCUS, Orthodox Christians are coming together as a national movement to transform people’s lives and offer a real hope to the hopeless here at home, in America

Of large US cities, Cleveland ranks #2 in highest rate of residents living below the poverty line. At a time when few to no services were available in the Cleveland area, St. Herman House was founded to meet the pressing needs of the underserved in our community. To this day, the St. Herman House continues to provide essential services, transforming the lives of many who come through our doors.